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Celebrating Our Story: History plaque dedicated in our courtyard

“Let these buildings be the realization of our dreams and ever remain a present charge upon our minds and hearts and hands. The result will be a joyful song of continuation.”

So these words remind us, from the dedication of the UCV campus on September 25, 1964. They, and other seminal texts are now inscribed on a lovely aluminum-burnished plaque overlooking the campus courtyard. A well-attended dedication event was held on Sunday, November 5 led by Buildings and Grounds committee chair Dianne Crosbie and President Mairy Beam. Reverends Shawn Gauthier and Steven Epperson were in attendance, as was the family of our late architect Wolfgang Gerson. Also present was Winn Peters, who was at the original dedication in 1964.

(Photos, left to right, top to bottom, Nov. 5, 2023: Musical prelude; Board President Mairy Beam with Catherine Stewart; the Gerson family; Rev. Shawn Gauthier; Minister Emeritus Rev. Steven Epperson)

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It’s Springtime at UCV

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the days are getting longer. Spring has officially arrived at UCV and it’s a beautiful sight to see.

Our garden is coming to life with vibrant colours and we’re especially grateful for all the volunteers on our buildings and grounds crew that are working hard to make the UCV campus look its best.

We’re eagerly anticipating a busy spring and summer ahead, with plenty of exciting events to look forward to.

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