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Gen X, Y and Z, Boomers and Zoomers – We’ve got it all and we love to have programs that encourage people to get to know each other across the generations.

In our urban setting, you may be lucky enough to have family nearby or live in a neighbourhood or multi-family residence where you have interactions across the generations but many do not.

Vancouver Unitarians provide structured (and informal) ways to get to know folx of a different generation, whether you’d like to learn more about what it’s like growing up as a pre-teen or wish your kids had local grandparents who cared about your kids’ spiritual and ethical development. Here are a few of our programs.


Connecting the generations

What's on in Lifespan

Oct, 2023

Children’s Group & Crossing Paths

Vancouver October 8, 2023 11:15
Click here for more information about our children and families program. Children’s Group 5 to 9 years Children’s Group begins in the Sanctuary for worship and leaves together after the Wisdom…
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Oct, 2023

Youth Group

Vancouver October 8, 2023 13:30
A space for youth to hang out, connect, be themselves–figure out themselves, organize, and be together. Learn more here.
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What's next at UCV